why use biocement™ for dust control vs. traditional methods?

Repetitive driving on unpaved construction and mining sites leads to noticeable costs and overuse of resources, ultimately causing financial and environmental harm. Using bioMASON’s biocement for dust control produces significant dust abatement results for high traffic construction and mining sites that are mindful of their labor force and community’s well-being. Once our biocement for dust control has been applied to a site, a company will now have peace of mind in knowing that their triple bottom line efforts are being met by protecting unnecessary overuse of resources and a reduction in air pollution, along with reducing hard costs.

Our biocement for dust control offers a best in class solution, that is cost effective, and convenient in application.

dust control solution
  • odorless
  • non-leaching
  • biodegradable
  • non-dissipating
  • non-flammable
  • water Resistant
  • non-slippery & safe
  • results in a durable surface
  • ecologically and environmentally safe
  • works on even the most difficult soil substrates
  • human, animal, marine life, and vegetation safe
  • long term duration in between applications (~6 months)
customer a

field test case study:

Approximately 13 miles are driven each day to control dust [nearly 3,500 miles per year]

That equals to:

in gallons of fuel per year [Assumption of 2mpg]
gallons of water
hours in labor

bioMASON® dust control led to the following savings:

treatments per year
gallons of water per treatment
hours of labor per treatment

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